The basics – caring

When LittleMissLisa was small, her daddy asked what she wanted to become when she grew up.

“I want to be a manager, like you, daddy!”

“That is nice, dear, but if you want to be a manager, you have to deeply care about people. Do you care about people?”

“Hmmm… I do not know…”

“Well, you should be sure, if you want to be a manager.”

A few years later…

LittleMissLisa was leading a group. Before she came and took it over, a few months earlier, she was told that the group was unmanageable, its members should probably all be let go, and the whole project should be shut down. Now it was clearly visible from the outside that they started delivering in time, good business value, as required, and more. Same people, same group.

What happened?

LittleMissLisa believes that motivated people perform much better. Not two, but like – a thousand times better.

Babies who get more care develop faster

The things that motivate different persons are different, but everyone responds to someone who cares. That is one of the basics in our nature, the thing that we have imprinted in our brains. Babies who get more attention and care develop faster. They show higher intelligence, learn faster and they are more balanced and happier than neglected babies.

When a baby cries and you respond, you teach the baby that you care and that she can trust you to read her signals. It is not that different with the grown ups. Now, they will not lie on their back and helplessly cry for you to come, but they will communicate their needs in different manner. You just have to listen and care.

Group is a hive-like organism

The ways of nature, so to say, follow similar patterns in different areas. If you are in a position of a leader and you care for the group and respond to their needs, they will trust you that you can read their signals. Your bond will grow stronger and the development of the group will accelerate. You will get a self-confident, intelligent and well functioning hive-like organism that has a trusting relationship with their leader.

Get rid of those HowTo books… there is no magic

It is no magic, no manipulation, and the “directives” are really simple. Care. Respond to the group’s needs. Coaching, technical trainings, new work methodologies etc, it all will follow. Not just spontaneously, but you will have good preconditions to implement further improvements.

In order to get good healthy ground for your baby group to achieve all that and function successfully internally and towards the outer world, you must care for them.

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