What are personas?

Personas are not real persons, they are voices of the author behind them, masks she puts on in order to communicate to the public.

The personas I created here do not breath or eat, but they are not meant to be any less real for you who read about their thoughts, behaviour and dialogs.

They help me make sometimes pretty abstract concepts and theories more digestible, they are my voices that spice up the silly little stories I write that would otherwise be also boring to the most, not only silly.

I believe that the philosophy and abstraction should not be complicated and available to the rare ones, the ones well trained in reading and absorbing the boring stuff written in a manner ripped of freshness of figures and voices telling them.

Also I think that a story teller, if she really understands what she wants to present, should be able to express herself clearly and simply. Please remember, “simple” does not equal “easy” and some really hard concepts and complex ideas can be expressed in a simple manner. That is what I am aiming for. I hope that my personas will help me with that.


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