What are personas?

Personas are not real persons, they are voices of the author behind them, masks she puts on in order to communicate to the public.


The Team

Motto: Success is not permanent, and failure is not fatal

There are several individuals in The Team. They have some similarities and a lot of personal differences.

What counts here is that they have common goals.

Any similarity with the real persons may or may not be coincidental.


Baxtentialists (Bacterias Existentialists)

Motto: Existence precedes essence

Curious. Like to engage in dialogs.

Want to learn more about their existence.

Colorful in appearance.

Peaceful and open minded. Feel that one is free to define and re-define herself.

Team players.


The Alien

Motto: Appearances can be deceiving

LittleMissLisa’s best friend.

Not visible to everyone. Unclear if that is by his own choice or something else.

Likes candy and is friendly and curious in nature.

Likes bling bling, wears crowns.

Dislikes impolite, up-nosed and inattentive people.

Prefers to be talked to in a soft voice.

Wants to learn more about human kind, philosophy, biology and agile methods.

Thinks out of the box by default.



Motto: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools (borrowed from Agile manifesto)

Interested in learning more about how people function within a group.

Likes to work with teams, to inspire others and be inspired. Curious, sensitive and empathic.

Smart although a bit naive. An idealist.

Best friends with The Alien.

Dislikes to interact with rude and stubborn people.

Is not afraid of conflicts.


Eric Theodore Cartman

Motto: Screw you guys, I’m going home!
A guest star on this blog.

Some people prefer Dr Phil as the voice of reason, we chose Eric Theodore Cartman from South Park. He balances out others nicely.

He is not getting paid for his occasional appearances here, he is volunteering. Surprise, surprise, we know, who would have expected that…


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