September 18, 2008

What are personas?

Personas are not real persons, they are voices of the author behind them, masks she puts on in order to communicate to the public.

The personas I created here do not breath or eat, but they are not meant to be any less real for you who read about their thoughts, behaviour and dialogs.

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The basics – respect

September 6, 2008

Abstractions can be hard to explain

“Respect” is one of those terms that everyone is familiar with, and none asks for closer explanation on it when used. Still, sometimes it is good to know what the other party really thinks by something.

Words are just means to describe the concepts in our brains that may be quite complex composition of feelings, attitudes and other abstract categories. It can be hard with those abstract categories.

Just think of it – it could be easy to explain to an alien or, let us get more realistic here – a child what a “vase” is. It is a very concrete object with purpose of holding water and flowers, can be made of different materials, but is made mostly of glass or ceramics, and can take different forms and sizes, but is always concave since it is supposed to hold water etc. Also, an explanation by visual examples would do.

But explain to a child (or that alien, just for the sake of the example, let us have my imaginary alien involved) what “respect” is. Abstraction requires more complex explanations on different levels.

An attempt to explain

When LittleMissLisa talks about respect,

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