How many is too many?

October 16, 2008

The team has their first iteration ahead of them, and they will be working on several different tasks during the 4 weeks period. The tasks are picked out, the time estimates are done, the backlog is filled in, but now, since this is their first Sprint together, the team members have to start finding out answers to several questions they have before them.

LittleMissLisa believes that there are no absolute best answers, but that they have to come to what will work best for just them. The team may not discover it from their first attempt, but one has to start somewhere!

The Team is having a short brainstorming to solve the following:

Meaning – when describing a possible workflow for a task, how many and which statuses should they use for that?

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September 18, 2008

What are personas?

Personas are not real persons, they are voices of the author behind them, masks she puts on in order to communicate to the public.

The personas I created here do not breath or eat, but they are not meant to be any less real for you who read about their thoughts, behaviour and dialogs.

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