How to make your organization Agile in seven easy steps

November 20, 2008

(common Agile transition antipatterns exposed)

(High Crap Factor warning!)

So, you want to become Agile… everyone is on that track already, and you feel that you are lagging behind. Do not worry! Agile is not hard, it is not magic. There is so much information out there, it can be overwhelming. Let me help you. Here is how to become Agile – fast.

1. Announce to everyone that from now on, you are Agile. Communicate it to your employees, put the ads in the relevant newspapers, underline that you are doing (whatever you are doing) – The Agile Way!


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Is coding an art?

October 21, 2008

What would be your very first, the most spontaneous answer to this question? And why?

Definition of “art”

Do you know what “art” means? Probably you do, everyone has an understanding for the concept of art, but if you try to formulate it, it may be hard and challenging. The definitions vary greatly, and many argue that it is actually impossible to define art and that is how it should stay. And when I say “many” here, I mean – people who know a lot about art; people who teach about art, professors, philosophers, experts.

Coding is an art… some think

The Alien has a headache. He was up all night reading about art, surfing the net and studying the history of art, but he feels even more confused now than before he started his research.

It all started yesterday during a coffee break, when he heard Mario bragging about his coding, how his creations are nothing but pure art. Is coding a form of art?

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